Wednesday, April 16, 2008

some short poems i wrote very slowly

i change my mind about everything as of five days ago

i dont care what people say
you are not a turtle
you are a bunny

i never thought
a little bunny
would be such a good fuck

today i thought i had a good idea but it turned out to be maybe not such a good idea, or maybe it was a good idea, but really i dont think it was

i was tired of forgetting to put on earrings
so i took a needle and string
and a seashell

i sewed the seashell to my ear
it hurts like hell
maybe i should have sterilized the needle
or maybe sewing things to your head it stupid

my permanent earring is very pretty though
aside from the crusty blood on it

everything i own is pink

i dont know what age i began to be such a little twat
(im guessing about five or six)

what does it feel like to wear those glasses?

well, it feels like i just got out of jail with thirteen counts of child molestation under my belt and im going back to my job on the school bus and i got a pocket full of jolly ranchers


Anthony Joseph said...

i loved every one of these especially the last one is my favorite.

sam pink said...

i am sitting on a log in the woods and i am looking for the sun and when i find it i will bury it deep and give you a map.

Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

good job

jillian said...


The Golden Bear said...

I have golden fur and golden ears and golden paws and a golden heart and I think I am in love with you.