Tuesday, April 08, 2008

netflixin' it

my life has changed. this feels like a crucial turning point in my existence. i have a netflix account.

would people who read this mind recommending me some movies to watch? to give you an idea of what i like here are some of my favorite films:

breaking the waves
the shining
taxi driver
13 tzameti
the five obstructions
the birds
the celebration
the dreamlife of angles
band of outsiders
the texas chainsaw massacre
grey gardens
the piano teacher
the idiots
101 dalmatians (im not being ironic, its really pretty)
lightning over water
in the mood for love

and here is what is on my cue currently (some of which im not proud of, but i want to fully disclose myself in a honest way to you):

eastern promises
the darjeeling limited
out of africa
bring it on
grizzly man
the squid and the whale
the proposition
the last king of scotland
the dreamlife of angels

please leave some suggestions in the comment section. thanks dudes.


xtx said...

donnnie darko
princess bride
life as a house

xtx said...

Spirited Away!!!!! (so good!)

Mike Young said...

Pierrepoint: the Last Hangman

Catherine Lacey said...

My Summer of Love
(A British movie about lies, evangelicals and teenage lesbians. One of my all time favorites.)

Miss Adventurous said...

Henry and June, Heavenly Creatures and Queen Margot (so pretty). they're the bee's knees.

I love Bring it On. (:

Nathan said...

kicking and screaming (1995)

Anthony Joseph said...

dont watch squid and the whale

here are my suggestions:

*darjeeling unlimited
*eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
thank your for smoking
science of sleep
*imaginary heroes
*igby goes down
*the royal tenenbaums
fierce people
green street hooligans
*the deaths of ian stone
we own the night
*2 days in paris
everything is illuminated
*little miss sunshine
the nin9s
*december boys
*into the wild
my life without me
rocket science
the machinist
mean creak
*hot rod
sofie scholl
*michael clayton
enduring love
driving lessons

i know thats a long list but you should definitely try them out. Starred ones are the best. :)

Alicia said...

anthony already listed many of the movies i would have recommended. here are some DVDs that I enjoyed watching:

La Vita e Bella
The Mystery of Picasso
The Householder
Toy Story
Freaks & Geeks: The Complete Series
Flight of the Conchords: Season 1
The Red Balloon / White Mane

carpet? we've got hundreds of 'em said...
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carpet? we've got hundreds of 'em said...

what you really should do is add tons of netflix friends (and rate a bunch of movies too of course)! seriously - that's one of my favorite things about netflix. i find out about so many movies that way. cuz' you get suggestions from your ratings then you check out that movie and see that so and so thought it was cool and so maybe i'll check it out! you can add me if you want! jasoniswaycool at gmail.

oh, and if you haven't seen spirited away as XTX suggests, oh man, you should. i bet you'd like it.

(had to redo, figured robots might steal my e-mail!)

Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

good job, netflix

darjeeling was good

anthony made a pretty good list

you might like "better luck tomorrow" and "brick"

i openly talked shit about "into the wild" on my blog, but that is my opinion

Lyndall-O said...

kendra. we are similar in our movie likes. I know this to be true. so you should watch Haneke's Time of the Wolf. You should also watch Invasion of the Body Snatcher's - the one with Donald Sutherland from the 70's. That Obscure Object of Desire. Repulsion and the Tenant by Polanski. Also Scanners and Videodrome. I liked Eastern Promises a lot, apart from a few things that irked me. Blade Runner if you haven't seen it. Grizzly Man is so good - you should also watch another documentary by Herzog called Wings of Hope. It's amazing. This is what Herzog says about it:
"The film was one of those things dormant in me for many years. The film is the story of Juliane Köpcke, a seventeen-year-old German girl, the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Peruvian jungle on Christmas Eve in 1971. Juliane's mother was killed along with ninety-four others. What is so astonishing is that after ten days the intensive search was called off, and yet on the twelfth day Juliane emerged from the jungle. It is such a miraculous story, and what I like very much about Juliane is that she did everything right in order to survive her ordeal. The other reason for my fascination with the story is that in 1971 I was in Peru filming Aguirre and along with my wife, some actors and technicians, was booked on the very same flight. I had to bribe an airline employee to get the boarding passes, but at the last minute the flight was cancelled and the plane flew to a different destination. Only later did I discover that we were filming Aguirre just a few rivers away from Juliane as she was fighting for her life."

I have more but I think I should stop there.

PS: thanks for your good advice a little while back. your words did me a world of good. x

Kendra Grant Malone said...

thank you everyone,

i think over 50% of the movies listed i have not seen. that makes me feel good. i am putting them all on my cue.

ms. spaghetti,

im very excited about all the movies you recommended. im so glad my advice helped your situation. it made me feel very good that you wrote to me about that. send me an email soon letting me know how things panned out.

sam pink said...

henry: portrait of a serial killer

mighty ducks 1 and 2 (3 is just fucking ridiculous)

kickboxer 1-3 (4 brings back tong po but it's some other guy with make-up on and i'm like, 'what'?)

i got tha hook-up (master p finds a shoebox full of cellphones and lives richly)

firewalker (a buddy film with norris and lous gossett jr)

airwolf (season 1)

mr nanny and suburban commando

the specialist (i think you get to see stallone's wiener in this one)

ernest rides again (his last artsy film)

run ronnie run

Kendra Grant Malone said...


Si mangi il mio pussy mentre guardo la possente anatre trilogia?

carpet? we've got hundreds of 'em said...

also add blood car!

sam pink said...


la mia amica bella, si, certo la mangero. ma primo tu devi mangi mio sangue. lo mangi mentre io riso e morire una morte bruta!

anche, io sono uno scoillattalo tranvestito.

ti amo, e ti odio,

signore rosetta

chris killen said...

'le chignon de olga' (i think, or it is something a lot like that)

'henry fool'

ryan manning said...