Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Sweetnesses

My sweetness, Mike Young was in town this last weekend. We did stuff together, including buy each other late/early birthday sunglasses. One night my other sweetness, Zac German came over and we drank. This is what it looked like.

We were very concerned about the future. The magic 8 ball put our minds at ease.

Zac German decided to drink in my bed (it's true, I'm a grown ass woman who still sleeps with a stuffed animal- i've had him since i was six and can't sleep without him and for the record, his name is 'bunny').

"Deer in headlights"- all the dang time.

My boo.

Nicole is a bookworm so she was working on research while Delores glared at me for having two boys in my bed at once. Delores is old fashioned and very jealous.

A very beautiful still life.

I wrote 'mom' on Nicole's boobs cause she wants to get a cute ghetto chola tattoo just like mine.

Then she shook her magnificent breast for me.

Stupid dumbface sweetness boo, you make me feel like charity.

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Shane Jones said...

this was fun to read and look at.