Tuesday, April 22, 2008




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

would that a good "!" or a bad "!"? or, even, is it one of those noncommittal "!"s that show promise but rarely lead anywhere?

The Golden Bear said...

Yeah, help me out here, I'm confused.

Anthony Joseph said...


good luck, golden bear?

The Golden Bear said...

So, are we like, in love yet? Or is there something else I need to be doing?

I'm good at wrestling, being friendly, shouting, and telling jokes.

I'm also a good listener. I've been told women find that attractive.

Seriously, Kendra Grant Malone, it's win-win. But the least you can do is give me an answer. I put my heart out there on the internet for everyone to see.

The Golden Bear feels shy, embarrassed, and stupid.

The Golden Bear is a sad, sad, bear.

carpet? we've got hundreds of 'em said...

this is my favorite post so far.

well done!