Thursday, March 27, 2008

Toilet Paper Kimono

I was starting at Janet. Janet was staring at me. Janet held her hands in the form of a gun, cocked it, and pretend shot herself in the mouth. She jerked back in her chair and flailed around for a while. She laid, sprawled on her chair, with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, like she was dead. My boss was staring at Janet too.

"Janet, how is the Broadband Production Book going?" he asked her.

Janet jerked in her chair like she was having post mortem seizures. My boss cleared his throat loudly.

"Janet!" he yelled.

Janet twitched again.

"Toilet paper kimono," she said, still playing dead.

I stared at my boss. He stared at me. My boss made his hands into the form of a gun, cocked it, and pretended to shoot Janet.


Mike Young said...

a new pornographic literary magazine


Kendra Grant Malone said...

brought to you by kendra grant malone and mike young

Mike Bushnell said...

Hey Kendra! There is a new book on Bore Parade.