Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Things My Dad Says + Dad Related Gmail Chat

"We spend the rest of our lives recovering from our families of origin."

"I'm really just selfish. Trying to save myself from the bowels of hell an' shit."
(in reference to the dentistry he does, 5 nights a week at a local free clinic that specializes in HIV positive patients, and his twice yearly trips to Ecuador to help children with cleft palates)

"I think I have only ever been madly in love with physics."
(his answer when I asked him if he had ever been in love)


James: yo yo

me: hi again

James: yes. you still at work?

me: naw
at home
just talked to dad for like an hour

James: how is your dad?

me: perfect
a perfect fucking human
god i adore him

James: he is quite ideal

me: sigh
i totes have an electra complex
no one will ever be as good as my dad

James: ha

me: ha ew
but true

James: a complex made fanatically more understandable by the actual wonderful nature of his personality


James said...

aghk. i have the flu - i should not be held accountable for my super awkward (embarrassing)wording. thank you.

conn tomas o'brien said...

hey kendra
would you be able to email me at connorobrien1[aaat]gmail[dotttt]com?
i have an amazing idea sort of