Monday, March 03, 2008

Poem Of The Weak -- Erotic Chapbooks

Zygote In My Coffee used a poem of mine in issue number 102.

Go read it now- Poem Of The Weak.

Side note- working on a sexy chapbook with a very special friend of mine, who shall remain nameless. Limited editions. Will most likely be fabricated next week. Check here for updates.


xtx said...

well done.

i like the $300 coat facade, because under it, you probably have like $25 worth of clothes...maybe, right?

what i'm trying to say is, it's like kind of like a turd covered in diamonds...

this is coming off badly. i'm sorry

Kendra Grant Malone said...

no, no, its true. i am a piece of shit.

my hoodie has a million coffee stains and my t-shirt used to belong to tao, but did not fit him. i've never even heard the band on the t-shirt. my scarf i found on the ground and my necklace has a faux gold skull and arrowhead on a red string that i got at the minnesota state fair. my jeans have holes in the crotch and knee. i havent had a haircut, even a trim in almost 2 years. i am a steaming piece of shit. but there is rabbit fur on the collar of my coat.

it also does a good job of keeping the curious smell of cigarettes, booze and formaldehyde under wraps.

xtx said...

I'm sure you know my comment wasn't a dig at's just I can completely relate to your poem.

I have my own type of $300 coat in a $300 Prada purse that my mom got for FREE from some Vegas time share scam she sat through. I bring it out with me sometimes and it's funny because I am wearing like, 3 year old clothes from old navy and shit stained undies.

i can relate.