Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For My Sammy Sam Sam

last night i did indeed, sleep with
your nightmares
i took 52 laser printed pages of them
into my room
i undressed

i carefully unpinned my long hair
then unbraided it
then combed my fingers
through the tangles
my eyes watered
while i sat on the edge of my bed
naked, ripping at two feet of
curly brown hair
with your 52 laser printed pages
of nightmares
clenched very tight between my

i laid down and pulled to comforter up
delores made a chirp when she jumped
on the bed
and curled up at my feet
i rolled to my side and pulled
your 52 laser printed page nightmare
up, and placed it between my breasts
mostly because i dont like when they touch while i sleep

i rolled on my side
and turned out the light
i felt immediately swarmed
panic fell wayside to sleep quickly

i allowed those little black ants
with the large abdomens, nest
in the soft piles of hair
i had readied for them
behind my head

i lied there
and waited to wake up
with your 52 page laser printed page nightmare
still acting as a cool and smooth
barrier between my
two large uncomfortable breasts


sam pink said...


Kendra Grant Malone said...

i wvu you too schnookums.

Lyndall-O said...

yeah i totally identify about having large breasts that touch while you sleep. god i hate that. i normally have to wear a bra it irks me so much.