Thursday, February 14, 2008


Tao Lin is an evil person. He posted this yesterday. He is exploiting these people for his publicity hungry ego. Tao Lin is out of control.

We need to stop Tao Lin.

Just look at how he mocks you-

me: my goal is to be on the first page of "kendra"
i need more links
i should set up 15 new blogs that all they do is link my blog

Tao: good idea
get some interns

me: i am afraid of an uprising

Tao: organize an uprising againsgt me

me: i have been
your post got me thinking
about how horrible you are to them
they deserve better

Tao: they deserve nothing

dont make me do this!

Tao: i dare you to orgaize an uptirisg

He does not think we can do this.

Interns. This is a call to arms. Rise up! Defend yourself and your loved ones! Shake the blanket of shame and despair he has cloaked you with! Organize! I am your general and I will help you fight! The Tao Lin Intern Republican Army shall rise and seize back their rights to get drunk all day and do almost nothing without being slandered publicly!

The TLIRA will be having an official meeting at my apartment this Saturday (BYOB). Come ready for action against this literary dictator!

(p.s. happy valentines day)


andy.riverbed said...

is that really tao lin or just a picks of a random asian person over a toilet???

Kendra Grant Malone said...

just some random asian person.

jillian said...

what do i do? i already organized a vegan bake sale

maybe the bake sale should secretly benefit this great rebellion

Kendra Grant Malone said...

jillian you are on the right track.

mike has secretly contacted me. we are organizing . . .
i will keep you posted.

prathna lor said...
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Anonymous said...

i'd like to come, but i live in Chicago, which is pretty far away from your apartment.

Robert J. said...

is it possible to convert all pictures of "tao lin" to pictures of "a random asian person over a toilet"? "tao lin's" existence should be denied.

"have you seen this picture of tao lin?"

"i don't know who tao lin is. that is just probably some random asian person over a toilet or something. probably in china or something."

this is the only way to stop tao lin -- to deny his existence.

i will kidnap him, too.

Dustin said...

fight kendra fight

Anna Palayla said...

kendra, we need further instructions, how can i contribute to tao lin's demise on president's day?

mark said...

tao lin interview