Monday, January 14, 2008

Pomegranate Seeds

i remember
when i was
a kid
being in a
grocery store
with my mother
and i saw
a pomegranate
and i wanted it

my mother
she told me
when she was
young in
she and her
friend would
buy pomegranates
and delicately
with deep consideration
they would eat the
and spit
the seeds
because they
did not know
you can eat
the seeds

in the grocery
my mother
bought me
the pomegranate
and i took it home
and up to my room
and ate the meat
but not the seeds

i always thought
she was trying to
tell me something
more with that story
but unfortunately
i was never
clever enough
to figure it out


Zachary German said...

miiiiiind twins

jereme said...

I liked this poem.

I really enjoyed the ending.

it is good.

Good job.

karissa said...

i like pomegranates, and poems about them. i havent had once since i was a kid.