Friday, January 11, 2008

Painting Lessons With My Lovely Nicole

My blessed roommate, Nicole, is studying at Columbia Teachers College to be an art teacher. Nicole is a tiny, beautiful little beast. She tested out a lesson plan she's been working on, on me, seeing as I've never painted in any way before. She does a lot of paintings of cakes and a lot of eating of cakes, so we did a simple lesson on color theory using frosting.

This is one of Nicole's paintings hanging in our kitchen. She also does a lot of erotic paintings, someday, we are going to make a book together, I have not told her this yet though.

Nicole prepared the heart-shaped tins for our batter while I read Revolutionary Road and took pictures.

The preparations.

I gave Pip some cake batter. I would have liked to given Delores some too, but she would not stop growling underneath my bed and it was scary.

Give a mother fucker an inch . . .

We readied our pallettes. Nicole patiently explained medium and pigments.

Nicole has amazing tits. And prolly the best little italian belly this world has ever seen. Basically, she was designed for me to snuggle.

My first two paintings. I'm sending them to my mother.

Beautiful colors.

I made all of these. I am really proud of how the vagina turned out.

Nicole made an awesome skull and some cool boobs. I did all the ones with words, and the ugly ones.

My other roommate, Brynn, made this one. It was my favorite of the night. She thinks she is not "artistic". Bullshit.

Delores finally came out from under my bed and guarded the bookcase.


Katrin said...

sometimes kenrda, I want to love you till you die. violently.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


come visit me! it will be like italy!

prathna lor said...

they are all very pretty