Monday, January 14, 2008

The Only Thing I Cannot Relate To, With You, Is Your Ability To Hold A Grudge

i will never understand
what i did
to make you so angry
it is strange
the hate
when you put some
thought into it
nothing significantly
bad happened

if you think about it
the little affair was
rather nice
and easy

and if you put it
maybe a bit
too rationally
there were far
more interesting
and happy moments
than there were

i still like
all the things
i liked about you before

only now
though experience
and minor regret
i have discovered
things that i take
lightly may
offend you
and now i know

i still like
all the things
i liked about you
before, dear

it is a pity
we could not
follow through
on our plans
of being
excellent friends


jereme said...

I liked this.

brandon said...

i liked it too

Kendra Grant Malone said...


good to see you back in the internet club.


thank you, im glad you liked it.