Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh you know, just casting very magical protection spells, no biggie.

(photos by Mike Young)

Ellen and I built a magical structure to protect Tao last night. Don't worry he is safe now.

I mean it, stop worrying.


The Hotel Chelsea blog wrote about ART NIGHT. Sweet.


ellen frances idontlikeit said...

by channeling the powers of the magic 8 ball through our brilliant minds we have managed to develop vector powers beyond what scientists have thought possible.

in short we defy the confines of this planets reality.

- This message is brought to you by outer space.

Mike Young said...

you should post the tao-chair-baby picture.

wait. don't let people tell you what pictures to post. it's a racket.

just kidding. tao baby!

Kendra Grant Malone said...

i would have, but i do not have a copy of that picture. i believe tao does on his computer. which is prolly good for him, because that picture has blackmail written all over it. i can see the gawker headline now: