Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I went home for christmas, this is what it looked like.

I car tripped with my sister for two days. This was what most of it looked like to me.

This gas station has a giant dinosaur built into it, which is cool. I particularly liked its pot belly.

It was blizzarding the whole way. There were many cars in the ditch. Most of them were SUVs, which made me and my sis happy.

This is what my dad got me for Christmas. I named the monkey after him and the books it came with, Ronald Nietzsche.

Tristan and his lady lover, Sarah, had the most beautiful Christmas tree. They let me keep one of the jellyfish ornaments that Sarah made. It is now Ronald Nietzsche's pet. Ronald named him Anton Nietzsche.

Sarah does a lot of art direction for movies, so they have lots of beautiful weird stuff left over from film shoots.

I didn't like these three guys. I thought they looked suspicious and rude.

Tristan got Breathless for Christmas, so we watched it.

I got excitable and made Tristan take pictures of our hands together.

I stayed at my old house for a night. My old roommate, Ki-Ki has been breeding a farm of knitted squid things.

Ki-Ki and Crystal also made a nice Christmas tree.

Crystal and I woke up early and read letters and made breakfast for everyone. Then we watched My Neighbor Totoro.

There is a new cat living in the house. Its name is Pepa. She is incredibly clumsy and sweet and kinda fucking dumb.

I took James on a date to Matt's Bar, where we indulged in juicy lucys, a midwestern delicacy.

Sometimes James lookes like a Jimmy Stewart movie.

We call this, The Nest From Whence Awesome Was Hatched.

My last morning in town, I went out for breakfast with Jake Luck. He has a really good band who wrote a soundtrack for my last movie called Thunder In The Valley. He is also working on a puppet show adaptation of The Trial by Kafka. I am currently writing a novella about him called, Mr. Luck. He is a Gypsy.

It was a happy plane ride home. I was on my best behavior. I didn't bother anybody.

The next day was New Years Day, and Ellen called in sick so I went to her house and watched BBC documentaries, and A Woman Is A Woman.

Ellen's dog nuzzeled between my boobs and refused to move. She wouldn't stop staring at me.

Ellen's dog collection is choice.

It's unrelated to my trip, but I rearranged my room tonight. I needed to remove everything that was on the floor and put in on my bed to vaccum. I don't own anything that isn't a book, aparently.


prathna lor said...

i like all these photos. i especially like the knitted squid thing doorknob warmer thing.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

Prathna Lor,

Thank you. Yes, the squids are cute. They are all over the house, and very discretely so. They sneak up on you, its fun. And now, all the doorknobs are warm. Which is not a moment too soon. They are always shivering.

prathna lor said...

that sounds lovely. i am in a mad rage of jealousy, right now

Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

i was going to say something about one of the pictures and then kept looking at them and forgot.
i'm watching indiana jones and the last crusade.
harrison ford is out of control

ellen frances idontlikeit said...

I LOVE THIS! The dino is amazing! the snow the tree... aaahhhh! Next xmas I'm going for sure.

James said...

Thunder In The Valley is gone now. There is only LEISURE BIRDS.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


i heart indiana. he is so dreamy.


adventures are in our future for sure.

p.s. im obsessed with my 8 ball!

Kendra Grant Malone said...


It is a sad day. RIP TITV.

carpet? we've got hundreds of 'em said...

i'm not sure why they dropped the ULTIMATE in Ultimate Leisure Bird. leisure bird may be better for the general public, but it doesn't make me giggle when i hear it like the ultimate does.