Monday, December 03, 2007

when a ship hits an iceberg you have two choices; flee to the life raft or let the icy oceans take you with them

i just took 10mg of valium
im sitting at my kitchen table
waiting to feel a bit softer
my roomate is a painter
she favors the hues of sunsets
so our appartment is mostly red and pink
it is easy to look at
i might be incapable of holding a grudge
i want to stay angry at you
but i cant
i suppose i dont have the heart for it
i just poured another glass of wine
my last lover wont call again
he stopped calling
he was so very beautiful
but i dont care so much
because he was not so nice
and wouldnt stop talking about himself
tonight it feels so very nice to hunt alone
i might be very drunk and stoned right now
i think i am writing this because i have no one i want to talk to at this very moment


ellen frances idontlikeit said...

"because he was not so nice
and wouldnt stop talking about himself"

narcissism can be ugly on the wrong people.

Not your or I of course!(narcissism)

Kendra Grant Malone said...

you are the best person on the whole planet

Daniel Bailey said...

I like the line about hunting alone.

apants said...

Hi, you don't know me but I like reading your blog so I'd thought I'd say so. Also, the only thing worse than someone talking about themselves too much is someone who talks about themselves too much and then tells people that they talked to someone who talks about themselves too much. I'm not referring to you, I'm referring to someone I know who does this all the time and I hate it. But I talk about myself all the time so what do I know? It doesn't count as talking about yourself too much if you are writing a blog, as that is to be expected. Also, I am so jealous of your having valium. I'd love to have some valium right now. The benefits would have been that this comment would have been shorter, for instance. Keep up the good work, Ragweed!

Kendra Grant Malone said...


i am aware of your existence. i think you are pretty funny. you seem to annoy a lot of bloggers who take themselves too seriously, which is something that makes me feel tired (people who take themselves too seriously, that is). i am going to write you an email about something i wanted to thankyou for a while back but dont want to say it quite so publicly.

im glad you like the blog.


the line about hunting alone likes you too, it told me so. it wants your number.

apants said...

Oh Boy! I love emails. And for every person I annoy an angel gets set on fire. That's what keeps me going.