Saturday, December 08, 2007

Three Poems About One Ex Boyfriend

You Know Nothing About Love, Darling

it was halloween
and i drank too much champagne
we had just started dating

i fell in a mosh pit
and got my face stepped on
i was wearing leopard pants
and a vest that said man eater

i wanted to bike home
but you would not let me
i was so very angry at you
for making me walk

i kept falling
and saying mean things to you
you patiently
and tenderly
held me up while we walked

i sat on the pavement
of a very busy street
at two am
while you watched
and i lit a cigarette

i started screaming for no reason
at you
about love
and how you knew nothing of it
then i wept there
on the street

you said
“baby, come on now
we need to go home or you’ll
catch a cold”
because i always catch colds

you lifted me up by the armpits
and we walked home
my roommate said to you
“what’s wrong with her”
you said
“she’s mad cause i wouldn’t let her
in that condition”

and we went to bed
and had sex all night
i said “i love you”
and you said nothing back
in the morning i pretended not to remember
that part

A Raving Mad Woman

maple trees
don’t make me think of canada
now i imagine you
being a teenager
staring at the tree
thinking about kerouac

for nine months
you let me
scream at you
and hit you
and fall asleep on your belly
while you watched t.v.

i acted insane
and read your emails
there were so many
you should have hit me
you could have
but you didn’t

the saddest thing
was running away from you
because love makes me
absolutely irate
and i came to new york
to be away
from you
because you were far too
patient with me

Oh My Baby, My Darling

hello my baby
you are goliath
you know?
i am no david
oh my baby baby
i am
more like
little missy mary magdalene
a motherly whore
baby baby oh baby
my baby
i dont want to fight anymore
i would rather
you fucking drop dead
go on now baby
just die
thats better

you are an asshole
i love you baby


James said...

patience sometimes went two ways..

"...i cannot ever think
you've heard me enough
when I tell you..."

Justin Rands said...

the first two are really fucking good. great work.

Zachary German said...

reading those poems was fun

i forget whose blog this is