Friday, December 14, 2007

Red Wine And Vanilla Ice Cream

i went to a bar alone
after visiting with my

i ordered red wine
and began to panic
when i looked at the
to decide what
i wanted to eat

i ordered vanilla ice cream
and the man behind the bar
i said to him
"i'm not good at making decisions"

the girl behind the bar
looked directly in my eyes
when she spoke to me
and i had a hard time
because she was so lovely
to look at

she said
"that's a nice sound"
and giggled when she
popped the cork on a bottle
of wine
for me
and we giggled together

i don't know why
i am solely attracted
to women who look
a little like me

as it turns out
i greatly enjoy
the taste of
red wine and
vanilla ice cream


Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

you are a narcissistic asshat.
just kidding.

I haven't tried red wine and ice cream yet.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


i am the second most narcissistic person i know. maybe the third. however, I AM NOT AN ASSHAT. ew that is so fucking gross. ill kill you.

it sounds super duper gross but it is in fact good. i wish i could make red wine flavored ice cream.

James said...

have you had whiskey ice cream? its delicious. soooo delicious.