Sunday, December 16, 2007

Piss Stained Trousers

when i got on the train
i went to the very first
car because
there is a small window
where you can see
straight forward
and it gives you the
slightest feeling of
and it makes you feel
quite small and
when you watch the
walls of the subway
move past you
and if you unfocus
your eyes
it looks as if
you and the train
are stationary
and the walls are
flying past you
rapidly so
and really i suppose
it is just nice
to have something to look at
other than
the man who just got
on the train with
a beer and a cheap
who just pissed on himself
and cries softly
before he smashes
his empty beer bottle
and the baby not far
from him
and you
begins to wail


Daniel Bailey said...

yeah. that's how it goes. public transportation is a reminder of whatever it is that you try to forget.


Justin Rands said...

good job, kendra. i liked this one. beauty mixed with ugliness is great.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


oh yes you are certainly right. dickfist ghosthouse.



James said...

beyond the love i hold for certain not to be named influences of this, i love it also for other reasons. you are making huge steps forward with poesy kendra, im proud. weee and such.

Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

what justin rands said is good

i like this poem

Katrin said...

I like that part of the train(sometimes buses) also. It makes me feel like I am inside a giant accordion.