Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Love Worth Dying For By Means Of An Olive

the affair was a tiring one for abigale
her darling
the umpa lumpa
was seen making love
to elvira in the bathroom
cocaine was seeping from the
cracks in the walls
and abigale was in a state
of great despair
in a fit of rage
abigale made love
to the plush rabbits
two of them
at once
on the dinner table
and there was a mishap
abigale choked
on an olive
abigale was so frightfully tired
that rather than remove the olive
she decided
it was better to choke
and end a miserable existence
than watch her darling umpa lumpa
make love to another whore
like elvira


Daniel Bailey said...


ellen frances idontlikeit said...

OMG I TOOOOOTALLY Remember that party.