Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Although sickness has overtaken me, I have been productive as fuck.


Broken Birds: Love Children & The Key To Martyrdom



These are the titles of two upcoming chapbooks I'll be producing. Eric Carlson, a long time friend of mine, has agreed to do the illustrations for Broken Birds. We went to art school together and I met him on my first day of school many many moons ago in foundation figure drawing; he stood directly across from me with his easel and I would often appear in his drawings with my breasts greatly embellished, and he in mine, looking rather like a werewolf. We have been friends in the years since. He is incredibly talented and I do certainly adore him.

Speaking of adoration, the lovely and wonderful Daniel Bailey and I are working on upcoming Drunk.

E Frank and I are brewing monstrous ideas for a tentative multimedia gallery show in NYC. It will likely included things such as: french music, the smashing of things, and murder murder murder. I <3 E Frank!

My senior thesis film, Call Me Lovely has finally began to see the light of day again. In the next few months it will be making the festival circuit. Keep your eyes peeled.


karissa said...

ohh is that the film i will be getting a copy of and enjoying, but not showing anyone?

Kendra Grant Malone said...


yes deary. soon very soon.

prathna lor said...

i like all these things. i want to see your work. where do i see them. i live in canada

Katrin said...

but, but, make it so easy for me to hate you already.....why add more?

Kendra Grant Malone said...


i have not sent it to any canadian festivals. although, there are a few good ones, so ill put it on the cue. the problem is that festivals often charge money just to submit. sooooo it get pretty expensive to peddle your film on the indie scene. but i will do my best.

actually, i think maybe soon i will put a quicktime up on my blog for a week or so, if other people want to see it. the only thing is it cant be linked to or up for very long because most festivals wont take it if it hasn't premiered there. also, it was made with grant money so i think there are stipulations with the grant foundation that i cannot web that shit. hmph.


dont hate baby. considering the kitty situation, we are like family.

frances ellen said...

whoa that 'e frank' girl looks like she seriously has some screws loose. robots? cartoon head gifs ? be careful getting into her project ship because you might end up on planet awesome.

Gertrude said...

Congrats, Kendra. It sounds like you're doing some awesome stuff.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

thanks katie

prathna lor said...

oh, ok. secret web links are fun