Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quick Successions of Footwear

Some girls go crazy fer shoes. I suppose some boys do too. Lisa Paclet is one of these gals, and she is also a DJ and animator. She made this little video I think to project at a club while she spins hot hot shit. I'm not a shoe person, I mostly wear sneaks and moccasins (not a fashion statement!!! they are everywhere in Minnesota cause of the natives and are extremely comfortable, I swear I'm not quirky), but I thought the craft on this little guy was nicely done and it looks pretty and it makes me want to sit down with a shoe girl and have them explain to me all the illustrious details- belts and buckles- of their shoe collection.

Go here to watch SHHHOOOOEEESSS!!!!

(it's sunday and i'm bored as shit)


Lisa said...

It's a disease i tell you.
Made of 33%Addiction 33%Feticism 33% Pissing contest (1%... i don't know my system doesn't really work...)
After making the video half of me was all fulfilled while half wanted to puke!

BTW what kind of moccasins?

goddamnright said...

Haha :D
I own same number of shoes as in the first row.

virginia woolf said...

i am some boy who goes crazy for shoes.

virginia woolf said...

that video turned me on

Kendra Grant Malone said...


i feel i get to know you better all the time.