Sunday, November 04, 2007

Not Entirely Faithless Love Child #11

Ashley lied on her back, covered by only a sheet in his sun-soaked room recounting a conversation from the previous night.

“That bitch psychic was a hack.”

“Well, yeah. Why did you say that just now?”

“I was supposed to meet a soul mate within two weeks of seeing her. It’s been two weeks tomorrow.”

“Oh. Let’s go find a more expensive one next time.”


He was finally sleeping. He had been restless all morning. Fifteen minutes prior, Ashley was overtaken by haste. Exhausted by his grumbling and squirming, she flipped back the comforter and proceeded to give him a blowjob. He had been tense and she could sense it. She put her whole heart into her mission. She tenderly worked until he came in her mouth, then rolled to the side and scratched his head. He fell asleep shortly and Ashley felt proud that her ambitions to calm him had worked so properly. She rolled on her side, and he quickly pulled her alarmingly close. He gripped her torso in a desperate and thankful way and continued his decline into much needed sleep.

One hand rested on her belly, the other between her breasts. Ashley laced her fingers between his. She felt his thumb and receive a tiny shock to her senses. There was a small vertical ridge running the length of his nail bed. She thought of her first love. He was her high school sweet heart. He had a similar ridge, a remnant of a near fatal accident he was in as a child. She often used to fondle the ridge with her fingertips, finding a discrete comfort in this defining feature. She knew if she suddenly went blind, this would be the most important part of his body. Since then, she had always felt the thumbs of her various lovers, looking for the ridge and feeling crestfallen to find it was never there.

Ashley now herself could not sleep. She watched her new lover sleep. Although more than a decade older than her, he had a child-like expression on his face just then. She smiled still feeling his thumb. Ashley is not entirely faithless. She has no tolerance for any belief system that had boundaries and rules, and thus cannot bring herself to identify with any particular religion. However, she found solace in very small expressions of faith. She often wished when the clock stuck 11:11; falling stars, friendship bracelets (she had yards of yarn, ribbon and string tied to her wrist at any given time), saying god bless you upon a sneeze, blowing out candles, etc, are all things that moved her to feel less lonesome in some vapid greater scheme. Ashley has a habit of burying objects in the ground as well.

Ashley made a decision to return to the bitch hack psychic later that afternoon.


Daniel Bailey said...

That's a good last line.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

Thanks Daniel!

I was drinking TEA when I wrote it! Isn't that fucked up!!???!!!

Daniel Bailey said...

Yeah. What the hell.