Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Anxious Love Child #12

Lisa is sitting on the floor. Lisa is having an anxiety attack. Her flesh wants to leap from her skin. Lisa does not like herself. Lisa is afraid of life and not doing it right. Lisa is not intelligent or anything more than mediocre. She knows people see this; she knows before they passive aggressively tell her this. Lisa is having and anxiety attack. Her heart is beating erratically. Lisa is scared for her life, though it is rarely if ever in danger. Lisa thinks about her mother. Lisa thinks about her father. Lisa is having an anxiety attack. Lisa is close to vomiting. Lisa is grappling and failing near publicly. Lisa is having an anxiety attack. Lisa is having an anxiety attack. Lisa is having an anxiety attack.


brandon said...

this is cool

ellen frances idontlikeit said...

you're basically one of the top ten coolest people in new york city.

haters gon hate
fake smarty pants's stuck in unfortunate places with unfortunate faces.
wastes of time.

my four cents.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

b money,

thanks. you are cool, holmes.

e mama,

<3 you make me smile, like, frequently.

goddamnright said...

I liked this very much, somehow. It is sad and rings true in a strange way. I can safely say in made my heart beat a little faster, in an anxious sort of way.

Anonymous said...

edit. *and vs *an