Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Psychologically Relative to A Potato Love Child #8

Laura had a dream about being a potato. She sat on a table, being a potato. She could feel her fibers, and skin. She was surprised to find that the eyes of the potato didn’t see anything at all, not even something surreal and magical, as she would have guessed. Laura woke up slowly that morning, remembering her dream, and feeling a little upset that she could never dream anything more exciting.

Laura generally dreamt in feelings. When explaining it to someone, she equated her dreaming abilities to what it must feel like to dream when you were born blind. She has physical sensations, and can hear things, and has an understanding of the place and time of the dream, but never a visual to accompany these things. Often it had surfaced as a point of contention in relationships, when people woke up, and rattled on about the epic visual narrative dream that they just had. Watching people gesticulate wildly and listening to their speech patterns accelerate to a manic state, she became irritable. She lacked any sort of empathy for these stories, and worse yet, struggled to try to visualize what they were saying. This was to no avail. Laura simply had a mind not geared to see things. When Laura thought of a chicken, the word ‘chicken’ in large block letters appeared in her brain. That indeed was the most visual thing she thought of on a daily basis.

Google was taking longer than usual to load. She tapped her fingers and immediately regretted doing that, as it felt cliché and embarrassing. Laura typed into the search box, ‘what is wrong with me why can’t i dream normal?’. It was again, loading extremely slowly. When the page finally loaded in its entirety Laura was disappointed. The first item on the page was Google offering a spelling correction: what is wrong with me why can i dream normal. This, she felt, was insensitive of Google, to point out that a more common search was a sentiment of just the opposite of the one she recently typed. Laura scrolled down the page. There were Freudian references, sleep paralysis sites, sleep apnea sites, the Schizophrenia Daily New Blog, and a handful of sites titled ‘What is Wrong With Me?’.

Laura had a dream about being a potato. Laura thought to herself, with her chin slumped in her right hand. Laura felt as frustrated as a human being, as she did as a potato.

Laura wished she were a potato.


James said...

next time, in the dream. her potato-self-as-a-word should go into the word "hot-tub" and boil itself.

then i will slice, butter, and so on enjoy.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


gawd, you and boiled things. ew. use some damn salt and fry something once in a while.

James said...

i salt 'em too. gosh.

karissa said...

googled a dream interpretation. dreaming about a potato is supposed to symbolize laziness or stupidity. nothing about being one though. a sweet potato means your libido is stronger than your lovers.

i dont believe in dream meanings exactly, but i look them up anyways.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


thanks brohiem.

soooomeone is avoiding doing their hoooomework.

wait till yer a grown up with a 'career'. i spent two hours today at reality tv land googling "kitty parrot" instead of writing copy for tv guide. bleh, being a grown up kinda blows come to think of it.

Daniel Bailey said...

This made me want to eat a potato.

I like it.

brandon said...