Thursday, October 18, 2007

My friends are beautiful geniuses.

Recently-ish, some friends of mine in Minneapolis did a performance at the bookstore James works at.

These people are really neat. Go look at their blog, hardland/heartland.

Crystal, is one of these warriors, and she makes beautiful fashions. Buy some of them at ugly hats. And also, go look at things you can't buy here and here.

Crystal used to be my roommate and she just got run over by an evil car on her saintly bike after a night of singing Purple Rain at a lesbian bar and slamming her fists on the floor all the while. She has gigantic medical bills from said evil car, so go buy her shit and send her tons of kisses cause she is a beautiful creature and I love her.


Oh yeah, go listen to Mux Mool. I like the song, night court.

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