Thursday, October 25, 2007


I am nearing a mental breakdown this morning. I need help from any of you readers to are all academic and shit and understand philosophy and space and time and physics and all that shit. I went to art school, man. Ok ok let me get to the point, sorry I'm freaking out very quietly this morning right now trying to figure this out! ZOMG! So, I want to know, did the internet exist before computers? I dont understand. It is a place. I often visit this place, DONT EVEN TRY TO TELL ME IT IS NOT A PLACE FUCK YOU ILL KILL YOU SO BAD AND YOULL BE LIKE OUCH.

Please, my brains are in danger of implosion or maybe explosion or melting or something. I want to understand the ethereal geography of the internet. IT IS A PLACE.

ZOMG! too much coffee to early ZOMG!



jereme said...

I am unclear on the specifics of what you are seeking but I can try.

If you mean literally did the internet exist before computers, no.

The internet was originally a government project named Arpanet to network academic and non-military government computers. It slowly evolved into the internet once the commercial value was taken notice of. And then a new protocol was created, WWW, which changed it from text based to graphical. And then the dot com boom and etc.

I started off on the internet when I was 14 and everything was text based.

But if you are waxing philosophical and asking if a similar place of communication existed before, my answer would be no also.

The internet is truely a global community, a giant collective of individuals.

This did not exist before to my knowledge.

If your original question was more in the vein of "omfg what was there to do before the internet" well that is simple.

Go to the mall and/or arcade.

Clark Baumgartner said...

MEGALOLZ I love Jereme's comment. Perfect.

Um, No. Relax. Less coffee.
Who taught you so say ZOMG? That's my word m'kay?

Kendra Grant Malone said...

these answers are all good.

relax i will not. FREAKOUT MODE!

clark is dark,

hey man, i got that from your perverted older bro, who- by the by, sent me a text message last night that was an animated gif of some hot asian girl shaking her tits. TELL BRIAN TO STOP BEING SUCH A MEGA PERV!

you must do this, i cant get through to him anymore . . .

Daniel Bailey said...

Hell yes the internet is a place.

It's like right now I'm hanging out at your e-house.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

welcome to my digital den . . .

James said...

more like her dial-up dungeon

jereme said...


please forward asian titty animation my way.

I have nothing better to do.