Friday, September 14, 2007

The ghosts of carpentry past.

My coworker Jake Yuzna makes really beautiful, deeply depraved and generally fucked up movies. He was asked to do the trailer for this important international gay film festival, which is really awesome. Subsequently, he ordered these bazar fetish costumes from China which arrived at work today. Of course, we tried them on as soon as the boss left the premises.

Oh you know, just another day at the office.

When you work on a reality T.V. show, you really need to entertain yourself somehow.

Oh you know, just another day in the woodshop.

I am the ghost of carpentry past (the show we make follows construction workers around New York).

Jake was especially dashing in latex.

Lesson Of The Day:

Latex is not forgiving to panty lines.


JAWS said...

I like these... oh my gawd, for a lot of reasons.


you are doing well here

Brian said...

Oh Kendra, this is totally what I need to finally realize my childhood fantasy of having three-way sex with lady smurf and a member of the blue man group.

Check out this link for some more "latex" related goodies. The dude lived across from me.

Hope you're doing well in NYC. I'm moving to London. So little by little we are getting closer to each other. By the time we're 60 we'll probably hook up in Reykjavik!!