Friday, September 14, 2007

A gchat conversation about messy tables.

Unnamed Friend: i also need to meet a girl not obsessed with her cats

Me: hey now
watch it
ehhh hemm

Unnamed Friend: i mean no offense
its just something im not that into, cats

Me: pssshhht
you know i cant back you on that one
you like crazy girls

Unnamed Friend: and crazy girls like cats
im doomed

Me: that comes with the package
messy tables = cats
this is a funny conversations
im a bit tipsy
forgive my typos

Unnamed Friend: i want to be tipsy

me: it is fun


and also

the japanese have bred a dachshund kitty.



did you see it run?

did you hear the music?

fuck. im fucked. forever.


James said...

i am unnamed friend!
its cool though.

ellen frances idontlikeit said...

This video fucked me up too. I'm totally a dog person and that kitty face and hypnotizing sweetly evil music suddenly made me want to bat for the other team.