Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Ham Sandwich

"I love you."

I punched him.

"I love you."

I punched him again. Blood was pouring down his face.

"Baby. I love you."

I wasn't about to stop punching him anytime soon. I wished he would stop saying that. I wished he would stop talking forever.

"I love you. Hit me again."

I punched his face again. He was just standing there, in his socks and boxer briefs. He had an incredible body. The skin on my knuckles was split, and was starting to ooze blood slightly. My blood and his blood were mixing on the back of my hand. I saw this and it made me ill. I punched him again.

"I love you."

What was wrong with this man? He was depraved. A pervert.

He is not a pervert. No more than everyone else. He just likes to be punched in the faced. I punched him again. Blood squirted out of his eye. His face was beginning to look a little less human. Again and again and again.

"You're beautiful. I love you."

My hand stopped hurting. It was numb. I drank some water. We laid down. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. My hand started to throb again. I could hear him gurgle every time he breathed. There was a high pitched hiss coming from his nose. When he blinked it sounded like someone stirring oatmeal. I became quite nauseated.

I leapt onto him. I punched him again. He had lost teeth. I didn't notice that earlier. He tried to say I love you, but I couldn't understand him. I was more and more revolted by him. He was a completely benign person. He just lied there, begging to be hit.

I slapped him. He moaned.

I became tired again. I rolled off of him, and went into the kitchen. I opened the fridge. There was mostly condiments. There was a ham on rye sandwich behind the sour milk that looked to be over a month old. I opened the plastic wrap and inspected the sandwich. It had lettuce, and mustard and mayo. It was the most standard sandwich I have ever come across.

I sat at the kitchen table and ate the sandwich.


Noah Cicero said...

i like that story.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

funny you should say that, cause i was just talking to that story and it said the same about you.


i need a nap.

Ryan said...

stupid, there is nothing like that stupid story anywhere else. unless it's about an electric monkey, or an ape by russel edson, otherwise there's no other way to get that far into stupid(ity). cool.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


i know not who you are.

or if this is meant to be nice or very not nice.

either way, thanks?