Saturday, July 07, 2007

The apple of my eye visits the big apple.

Recently, my best friend, love of my life, apple of my fucking eye, came to visit me in NYC. He came with his most lovely partner in crime, miss Sarah Jean. In addition there was a surprise visit of a very close dear old friend during the same week. Needless to say we were inseparable for a few days. Of course, I chronicled our adventures.

Tristan, Sarah Jean and I went to the Museum of Natural History, which is an enchanting place.

These guys are over 100 years old. This pleases me.

The museum is dark and cool. Everywhere you walk you are surrounded by shadows. Tristan and Sarah Jean have beautiful shadows.

Occasionally you walk in and out of shadows to find yourself mesmerized by informative boxes of glowing light.

This exhibit was frightening. It was dimly light, and filled with battling crows, vultures and hyenas. It felt slightly more than sinister.

Sarah Jean and I saw this on the way to the "GOLD" exhibit. We agreed that something epic and important was happening in there.

I personally favored the underwater exhibits. Everything seemed suspended. I like suspension. I would like to be suspended.

I felt that this sea cow looked melancholy. I wished I could cheer her up, but I did not cheer her up because I liked her fragile emotional nature.

There were a lot of busts like this one, but since they were not part of any exhibitions, they had to be spot lit, which was kinda lovely and random.

The next day we went to Coney Island.

Oh Coney Island, blast thee who wants to tear you down! You are a beautiful wasteland!

Who can resist?

Apparently not Becky and Cole.

Tristan is so adorable that sometimes I just want to cut him up into a million pieces and burry him in the park across the street from my apartment.

It is a classic sort of place.

Adam was really excited about a daiquiri. He is a special boy. And by special boy, I mean douchebag.

We rode the Cyclone. It feels like it is going to fall apart at any given moment. The whole time we were on it, Cole was right behind me sreaming "Oh god . . . not again . . . we are going to die!"

I like when girls laugh amongst themselves.

Lovely ladies.

This guy served me my beer. I liked him for many reasons.

Tristan said Sarah Jean and I seemed suspect.

Sarah Jean bought a kite. I have never flown a kite before. She demonstrated how on the boardwalk. All day long I could not get that "On The Boardwalk" song out of my head.

We named him the rainbow warrior.

A crash landing.

He was majestic over the ocean.

On the beach we rested. There were lovely sounds everywhere.

The rainbow warrior was smitten with Adam's feet.

I used my toes to write my initials in the sand.

It is true.

I walked down the pier and found my friends huddled over a garbage can.

Someone has just thrown a live crab in it.

Cole saved him.

And threw it back to the ocean. He is home now.

Everyone thought these were funny. I guess they were. That is without a doubt a teenaged girl's handwriting.

I like to think that she took what she wrote very seriously. Gravely serious.

I bought ice-cream here. Peppermint bon-bon.

By the time we headed back to the city we were all very tired and fell asleep on the train.

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