Friday, July 27, 2007

Adam is not always a douche bag.

My friend Adam wrote a poem about me. He is going to be mad that I am placing it here. But I am going to anyways, without permission. Cause I am a giant fetid gaping asshole.

And I like the poem.

Kendee Like a Sexy Time by Adam Avery Hiniker

Yesterday Kendee and I ate some really good pizza, so good it made my wet toes tingle. Sometimes when she's not around I long for her touch... except when she steals my hair care products, then I just tell her to quit being a hand job. Sometimes we like to eat ice cream and as long as she doesn't see any chinese people and no one tries to sell her a world trade center post card she behaves herself. Sometimes she makes me feel like I have wet jolly ranchers in my pants and for some reason I don't mind the feeling, because I too like a sexy time.

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