Sunday, June 17, 2007

Excuse me, sorry, I think you got some bubonic plague on yer ass.

Recently, my main man Adam and I discovered that there are no Dairy Queens in NYC. We were saddened, naturally, at first, but elated to find that there are plenty in New Jersey. The scourge of the earth. Apparently. I have noticed a bit of hostility over here in the more costal towns of the United States of mo'fuggin America, towards the inhabitants of Jersey. Personally, the wretched little lump of land has done me well in my one and only visit. To acquire the tastiest of soft serves, we pilgrimaged over one body of water, and under another, through three different transit systems, one state border, and walked through a grubby little neighborhood that looked like aids was growing on the sidewalk.

Adam is a douche-bag. And also, you cannot tell from this 3/4 profile shot, but he has two differently colored green eyes. Thusly, I have nick named him TWO TONE (by the way, thusly is a funny word).

Our carefully planned out directions. I do not enjoy being lost. End of story.

I liked that the train we took was called the PATH. It makes for an easily misinterpreted sentence when you say, "And thusly, we took the path to Jersey."

Adam dutifully check to make sure we are on the right path. The path to pun city, that is.

He didn't know I was taking these pictures. What a douche.

We arrive in New Jersey, with our fairly departed city skyline behind us. Onward soldiers, shed no tears.

Adam got a million phone calls from his friend that day . . .

. . . and I got bored at the light rail stop.

Nothing much to say. This about sums it up over in NJ. I hate when I rhyme when I don't plan to. Damnit.


Look at her. You know she loves her some DQ. Bitch matches the dang place.

I ordered a dip cone and it was jankey as shit. I heart NJ.

Apparently, they don't believe in benches and tables in New Jersey. Adam looked me like I was carrying the bubonic plague when I sat down to eat my damn ice cream.

The sun was devouring my ice cream faster than I was. And I'm a messy, messy girl. I usually keep wet naps on me, in case I need to wipe some plague off my ass.

I like this guy. He's Jersey tough.

The sugar high carried us back to the train. Goodbye New Jersey, and thank you.

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