Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ladies and Germs, I present to you, Little Diver.

My darling roommate and woman love, Katrina, aka, Ki-Ki has knitted the most majestic creature that has ever not lived. It's inanimation is nothing but grace and glory. His name: Little Diver.

He is a true party animal.

Delores has taken quite a shine to Little Diver.

Little Diver travels lightly (and yes that is a reflection of my skinny chicken-legs in the mail box).

We play games like hide and seek.

My dad was not convinced of his beauty.

He parties like you wouldn't believe. An animal, I say!

Little diver is also terribly patriotic.

He is a hit with the little wonderlings.

Little Diver longs for things which are great in their nature.

Of course, Little Diver is a great lover of literature and bird watching, as a true gentleman would be.

It is true, j'aime Little Diver.

1 comment:

Gertrude said...

Little diver makes his debut! Though I must say he is better in person.