Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happiness and the magic nature of the mysterious Brian Reed Lindgren.

I am happier than I have been since childhood. Since before I knew there was anything unusual about my lovely brother. Since before I knew what was different between boys and girls. Since before I understood that children, in fact, could die too. Since before I got stoned for the first time. Since before my body was good for anything more than climbing trees and scuffing knees. I feel detached and not selfish and not wanting to be more selfish, which is something that most would say I need to be. It feels so good to give is the thing. I am the happiest when the people I love accept with grace all that I want to give. That is all.

Boo-ya. Would you like an english muffin? I just baked them.

And also, ladies, may I just say, Brian Reed Lindgren is the most amazing beautiful specimen life has to offer. This transcendent creature is a treasure that any woman should consider herself blessed to have. Go ahead, give him a wink. If you're lucky he won't throw your ice cream cone on the ground.

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