Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Girlfriend Guy's Girlfriend takes a leave of absence.

The Girlfriend Guy's Girlfriend, that's what an ex of mine called me in highschool before he knew me. He and his friend referred to me with this slightly less than doting nick-name because my highschool sweetheart Reece and I were joined at the hip. It has come to my attention once again lately, that I have a bit of an issue, that I think would be most appropriately monickered, Male Dependancy. I have gone from serious relationship to serious relationship to on and off, to consecutive whirlwind summer romances, to puppy love, and back to long term again. Yes, there was a few months of singleness, but I was sleeping with god knows how many people, going on dates like it was my job. Fucking like it was going out of style, like my innards were about to go extinct. Oh this nasty cycle of men who all promise the same things, each beautiful, unregrettable creatures. Each totally incapable of making me anywhere near the semblance of a calm, sane person. I have been advised recently by a professional adviser of the mind, that I may very well need a year of singledom. And that is exactly the prescription I will take. Be warned, the crushers of Kendra, if I am as lovely as you may or may not think I am, you must now wait officially one year before making any move that will possibly result in anything more than me terminating our friendship.

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