Sunday, March 25, 2007

A warm stormy Sunday, spent in a coffee shop, writing haiku.

Barf! I know, I know. And the worst part is how overly sentimental these are, but I could not resist (barf again).

Save Your Breath, Reciting The Product Of Other Minds
the educated,
darling there is no spirit
when you watch too close

A Pang
a simple sigh is-
a tender moment for us
gently hold your breath

It's A Simple Thing (which makes me weak)
color shifting eyes
i once declared them magic
hide behind glasses

It Made Me Rather Weary
flighty and careless
your cannon of sentiment
does not interest me

Napping All Day With My Cat By My Side And The Sun In My Eyes
sunday afternoon
yawning is the principle
rest your gaping maw

There's A Nasty Storm A Brewin'
the glory turns dark
the firmament is clouded
our wind blows fiercely

Waiting For Me, Waiting For You
true, i hunt alone
for now and maybe darling
as long as it takes

An Aeroplane Full Of Worry And Regrets
one more for the road
its the things that i chase after
that satisfy me

Feet Heavy and A Mind Inactive (hyperactive)
drink de-caf coffee
i stay calm, not ungrounded
i prefer floating

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