Friday, March 30, 2007

A variety of new smells -- some delightful, others regrettable.

I'm going to Philly this weekend. Making much needed amends with a friend I fell out of touch with. As I am only staying there for the weekend, my plans are quite simple. I would like to see the liberty bell, wear my pink dress and plaid shoes, eat a bonified philly cheese-steak sandwich (my personal mecca), sleep late, and offer my kindness the a certain pumpkin eater that I've quite possibly been neglecting. Leaving town always helps me clear my head a bit, and I'm in severe need of a thorough spring cleaning in the attic Kendra.

Some other exciting things in the near future:

* upcoming Jerome Grant deadline
* co-directing a music video
* a brand new bike awaiting my precious backside
* the closeness of days where I can go on walks by my lonesome at night, where wonderful smells such as laundry exhaust, freshly mowed grass, lilacs, gas station hot dogs, and the unpleasant smells of car exhaust, newly laid fertilizer, poo berries (they grow on a tree on 25th and nicollet, im not kidding they smell like poo), and dog shit.
* looking into prospects of moving to New York once again

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