Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's easy to tread lightly when Luck is on your side.

Tonight, I would like a glass of gin.

I would also like to stay up late playing video games with my dear friend Jake Luck, who is the kind of amazing soul who drops what he's doing to pick you up for a drink on a Monday afternoon when he hears that uneasy quiver of latent sobs in your voice over a 30 second phone call. Thank you Mr. Luck for knowing and saying and doing just exactly what I need to feel better about petty things that turn my world upside down. Thank you for helping me take life a little more lightly from time to time.

The answer to your question last night, is Donkey Kong.

(this is not meant to neglect any of the following people who also tend to my wounds from time to time: KTP, Tristan, Livia, Dusty motherfucking Miller, Earth Mother Rachel, and last but not by any means the least, my Mother Hen Katrina)

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