Friday, March 09, 2007

Have a seat at my messy table, but be assured if you put your things on it, it will break and you will have no table at all.

My lover friend often talks of how he appreciates girls with messy tables. I'm sure this only really makes sense to him. However, seeing that it is his top criteria for dating and we have been dating for quite some time now, I can only assume that I posses this quality. I've been doing some unearthing of such table, and have found it to be, indeed, quite messy. Scattered, littered. But not ugly no, everything that litters this table can be seen as something of class and sophistication. Granted these things might need a bit of interpreting for such a description, but I would say without a doubt that this is true of my table. Now what of the table itself? I see that it is very old, ancient and elaborately carved oak. Something quite possibly Victorian. A stain so dark the wood appears almost black, but not quite losing the grain. On it a cloth made of simple and clean cotton, with large colorful flowers embroidered onto it. Along with the flower in the lower left corner is KGM. A gilded mirror rests, unhinged to the back of the table, against a wall, in desperate need of cleaning. The mirror is in otherwise good condition aside from the smoke stains from hundreds of years of neglect. No matter, one can be seen in it. Not a good visual reference for surgery, though. In front of the mirror is a crow and a lobster, calmly sitting in each others company. Jewelry pours off all edges of the table, glittering obnoxiously. Tiny tiny little birds make nests in all of the beads and bobbles, finding it to be surprisingly comfortable there. They, unfortunately peck and pick at the wood beneath the to calm their nervous little hearts, but the damage is not great, very minor in fact. Two very tall dull colored, coffee stained towers of books sit on the north and east edges of the table, some read others collected. Glass figurines are sporadically found along the surface as well. Jars of paint are spilling, and jars of honey are sticking, cans of cheep beer are leaving rings, and teeth are scattered about the previously mentioned jewelry. Wads of hair and fur lay hidden under the cloth and the front right legs squeaks and wobbles if it is manhandled. An anvil and a kite, a pygmy goat and a little tiny storm cloud. These are a few of the things you might see on my table.


Gertrude said...

finally, a new!
now we see where i get my visions of old-lady chic boudoir. to a T.
(btw, that was lovely).

ellen frances idontlikeit said...

ellen frances idontlikeit said...

thats in regards to my post and your comment of course