Friday, March 16, 2007

At least we gave it a shot (and thank you for trying my dear)

Dearest Darling Magic Eyed Word Thief Wonderling,

It is most important that you (and the rest of the interwebdotcom) know how absolutely wonderful you are. Never has one such creature so young and so lovely known himself quite as well as you have managed to my dear. It is no doubt a pity that I did not meet you later in life. The timing was so off off off. There are a few things that of which will not be the same without you: riding around the lake stoned out of my mind on stolen painkillers, unwritten outerspace love stories, overzealous affections with mouthfuls of food, and of course trips to Kowolski's. Oh oh oh, and of course of course all the lovely words we made. I hope you are happy, I will always love you. Kbye.

- The Existential Miracle Enabler

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James said...

ta mo gra agat