Thursday, February 22, 2007

removing nails from hands and feet because christ figures are a tired cliché *

lying in my incarnation
there was a great tarnation
a five year old accident
overwhelming the incident
of things, many things

tonight words have been whispered
leaving my insides bloated and blistered
ancient letters pooling and swirling
finally settling
with three words still whirling

I have a splinter in my heel
which is most decisively real
to tell the truth its been quite some time
since the last time I felt this fine


* forgive me for my sins, this is the first poem I've ever written


Anonymous said...

it was a goodie!
i think i sent you one of the first poems i'd ever written. it was totally fucked up, as i recall. i hope you didn't lose it. you should send it back to mehehehe.

The Never Kissable Miss Kendra said...

done and done.