Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nail a book to a tree, bury a tooth.

It's funny, I almost never take my phone up to my attic when I go to bed. I used to all of the time out of fear that someone I loved might be hurt while I slept at any ungodly hour of the evening, but have since broken the habit, due to an overzealous (and now wonderfully sober and an amazing friend to boot) ex who sometimes called me at odd hours completely wasted saying weird things which put off various boyfriends. Digressions. Anyways, I rarely do this anymore, but I did. It's amazing how a phone call at 6:30 in the morning on a Sunday can change everything.


On a side note, I have recently decided to not believe in coincidence once again. Its all magic from here on out, go go go ahead lovely little wonderlings suspend my disbelief a little longer, wish on your candles, nail a book to a tree for protection, bury a tooth, hold your breath and knock on the roof when you blow a yellow light.

(all of my friendship bracelets fell off when I met you, this means something immense)

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