Thursday, February 08, 2007

Life was pretty good last week.

I got back from NY on Tuesday. This is some of what happened.

My dad is a really wonderful travel companion.

In the aeroplane.

My dad LOVES The Onion.

I stayed in this hotel called the Larchmont, which I would recommend to anyone on a budget. It sells itself as a "European Style" hotel, which basically means that it is a hostel, with a bathroom at the end of the hall which you share with your neighbors. Eitherway, it was only 80 bones a night, and pretty cute, and in Manhattan.

This is what it looks like at night.

This is what it looks like in the day.

A beautiful hallway that leads to my room.

The hotel had this weird safari theme throughout. It kind of gave me the creeps, but in a way it also tickled my fancy.

This tiger was outside my door and everyday it looked at me like this when I left.

My breathtaking view of NYC.

This proves how European this place was.

The shower down the hall had the most beautiful light.

For lunch one day, dad and I went to Katz's Deli.

There was beef hanging in the window.

There was a lot of shit on the walls and my dad kept looking at it saying, "Isn't this neat honey?" It was pretty neat.

I ate the best philly cheese-steak I've ever eaten in my whole life.

Some guy took our picture. My dad just kept talking. It's cool though.

There was a pet shop on 6th Ave by my hotel that I would pass everyday on my way to the trains. Everytime couldn't help but be hypnotized with cute.

After Katz's, dad and I wandered into China Town. This is, no joke, The New Big Wang Restaurant. Do people in China Town know this is funny?

This is my sister in her kitchen in Park Slope Brooklyn.

This is her living room, which I would say is pretty big for NYC.

Whyatt is busy guarding Ali from the mean streets.

My sister is a fucking babe.

Silly sisters in subways! Alliteration is fun!

Truth be told, I fucking love this silly bitch.

My dad is fucking EPIC.

One morning I went to a cute cafe down the street from my hotel called French Roast.

This is what I ate.

On another day I met up with some dear old friends Jake and Riley. We had brunch with some other friends, then bummed around the island for the day, shopping, eating, subway stalagmite hunting, eventually going back to their loft in Bushwick Brooklyn.

Riley is cleaning the kitchen in preparation for the wonderful dinner he made us.

Riley is a special boy.

Jake is special too, in a creepy goblin sort of way. He is such an uncle.

This is Jake pretending to be important.

A glowing ball. These boys and girl are quite tasteful.

The asian corner. Tasteful indeed.

This is Maerie (she spells her name funny like, I don't know if I got it right). She lives with J & R and is also a dear old college friend. I like her very much; she likes wine very much.

Riley likes to shake is groove thang when he cooks.

Maerie has had enough with this foolishness and sets out to stop it.

A handsome family.

A handsome dinner.

I spent one fine evening with a little lady named Ellen, whom is my pen pal of sorts. I had never met her in person and was a little nervous that we might not get along as well as we did in written form. However those feelings were soon squelched as we had a lovely night, going from one place to the next, some better than others, until I twisted my ankle dancing crazy with the lass at 7am-ish. Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home that night, but fortunately she is quite pretty and people with cameras love her, thusly there is proof of our hanging out, even if I am mostly indistinguishable.

Yeaup, that's me in the corner, behind the drunk bafoons, with her whispering into my ear. And when I say whispering I mean shouting at the top of her lungs to talk over the music.

This is what she looks like if you can see her face. She is quite pretty and neat.

This is my sister doing what she does best (talking at the speed of fucking light). Hearts.

One final note from my dad:

Aww shucks. That's all she wrote.


Ryan said...

your heartmelting story of familial/communal virtue is chipping away at the frosty bark of my stalk-instincts, how is this happening? what are these sensations? why can't I exploit your family to my desire as so many victims have fallen before them? what have you done?

maeri said...

oh this is so lovely! beautifully documented, dear miss Kendra. We had fun :>

ellen frances said...

oh yay what a small world sort of being that you went through different stages of my life and didnt even know it!
i live by katz, thats the pet store where i bought lula,
and yes that is me yelling at you over my obnoxious only psudo friend SV's djing. thank you for enduring my most strangly boringest of nights ever. you are so darling and i think my friend danny has a crush on you now.
come back!

ellen frances idontlikeit said...

oh one thing i left out. i ate at french roast last night too! i feel so connected!

The Never Kissable Miss Kendra said...

whoa. the power of coincidence is an amazing thing!