Thursday, February 22, 2007

Due to raging temperatures, one cannot fathom my contentedness.

Small little tiny gestures. Things you find, things for free, things for change. Things that don't take a lot of effort. These things these things, these things mean the world to me. They are never taken for granted, they are tallied, and stored for times when I need breaths pushed into me. They are noted and described to those who care to listen who prefer matters of heart to matters of mind. A select few know the secrets of the mountain of small tiny gestures which I sit upon and contemplate how wonderful it is up there, how far I see, and that height can give you a certain perspective. I would sit up there all day long if it weren't for the heat my body radiates when I am up there, melting all the tiny pieces of chocolate and burning the scraps of newspaper that contain comics about cats and useful words for stories.

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