Sunday, January 07, 2007

Burning the candle.

It's good for me to stay busy and occupied. Idle hands and I are none such a good match. I like looking back on a week and realizing I worked a 70 hour week, however my feet hurt and friendly lovelies are starting to get miffed at my absentness so often. It sounds absurd to people but if I could remain healthy and sacrifice my eating and sleeping time to work I would only be happier. Taking time to myself is a very conscience thing to do. Somewhere between the warehouse and being a set grip/electriction, I have a breath or two that creeps up into my brain bearing the ghost the reminds me why I have to work hard hard hard, and not give up until I have changed something, some people, permanently. I take that breath deep and he flies into my cavities and tells me, reminds me, you should be so lucky, oh and keep your mother happy love.

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