Monday, December 04, 2006

Too much time, glossy-eyed digital rummaging.

I've been hibernating in bed at my father's house for the past five days or so. Last Wednesday I had my tonsils removed and have been just waiting it out out here in the burbs, hoping that this unbearable discomfort will end soon. Thats kinda funny "unbearable discomfort" doesn't really add up does it? I guess the cocktail of drugs I've been on has made me a little prone to being dramatic.

Here is a lovely little glimpse of what my days have consisted of lately.

Wake up late, around 9:30. Not that I have any reason to get up, just my daily migraines force me out of bed so I don't barf. I go strait up stairs, crack open my precious little orange bottle of non-narcotic meds, open and apple sauce, eat it along with my little pink pill as fast as possible. I go down stairs and go back to sleep for about an hour. After a nap, I wake up and turn on the food network, turn on the lights, and dim them. Then I take this little pill called Zofran which is an anti-nasueaum. I wait about fifteen minuets before I take exactly one teaspoon of liquid hydrocodone (vicoden) which promptly shuts down the activity of the pain receptors in my brain and more importantly in my spinal column. YES! Then basically I sit in bed and watch the food network and surf the web all fucking day. Then in the evening dad comes home and feeds me something mushy while he prepares some amazing gourmet whatever for he and his girlfriend which they proceed to eat in front of me, heartless bastards. Some nights James comes over to keep me company while my eyes glaze over and I am all in all just way too happy. Oh yeah, there is another dose of narcotics somewhere in there. Then I get worn out and go to sleep.

I have lost a total of 8 pounds in 6 days and I am so fucking hungry I am loosing my mind. All I can think about is food. On a side note, while piddling away on my computer, I found some photos from thanksgiving 2005 that are pretty amazing.

ta da.

This is the most glorious mashed potato sculpture I have ever made. His name is Norman.

A close-up of Norman.

Sometimes me and my beautiful siblings drink too much when we party.

My mom gets really distraught with our behavior sometimes. Poor mama. My dad, however, gets very smug when he drinks. Fuck yeah my mom digs tie-dye. She is super rad.

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