Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Shriners have a history, related to the Masons, a secret society that tames the lion.

I couldn't be positive, but I'm nearly certain that trapeze artist are also excellent swimmers. Or at least I would like them to be. I have this thing that I sometimes think about when I gather up my 100 mile stare and pour it out which is, I guess, a childhood fantasy. It may have even been a dream at one point in my life. I don't remember its origins anymore, just that it comforts me and keeps my mind occupied a bit longer than I should be admitting publicly. It slows my heart rate, makes me want to give up on worldly things like nice clothes, boys, smoking, etc. Its one of the few things I would be happy to only observe and not partake.

I like to think about the Shrine Circus Underwater, in a very very very large swimming pool with, monkeys, girls, glitter, and fezes, polyester clown wigs, tightropes and drums, an audience gasp, and one or two incessantly crying children who are weeping for the clown who gets kicked out of the clown car because there wasn't enough room (I was actually that child, I have always struggled with empathy). All of it, just underwater with me.

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