Sunday, December 24, 2006

January 31st, 1948 left a sizable hole in geographical logic.

This is a quote pulled from the closing paragraph of the report about the Star Tiger, a small plane with 29 passengers operated by the British South American Airways Corporation, which disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on January 31st, 1948.

"In closing this report it may truly be said that no more baffling problem has ever been presented for investigation. In the complete absence of any reliable evidence as to either the nature or the cause of the accident of Star Tiger the Court has not been able to do more than suggest possibilities, none of which reaches the level even of probability. Into all activities which involve the co-operation of man and machine two elements enter of a very diverse character. There is an incalculable element of the human equation dependent upon imperfectly known factors; and there is the mechanical element subject to quite different laws. A breakdown may occur in either separately or in both in conjunction. Or some external cause may overwhelm both man and machine. What happened in this case will never be known and the fate of Star Tiger must remain an unsolved mystery."

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