Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's strange, holidays don't usually make me so gloomy.

When you break it down, dissect my life, absolutely everything evolves around my brother, Juan Pedro. Every single motivation has a basis of him. And now he's coming home.

It drives me insane to think about. Lots of people in the world have a drink when they are pregnant and nothing happens. An occasional wine is recommended even. Which drink was the drink that pushed baby Juan into his own magic logic? I hope hope hope at least it was champagne or wine or please god I hope it was something sweet.

Maybe a port. For some reason it matters greatly to me. The only thing I think about as much as this is what that man was wearing when he got in that garbage truck in 1982, and made his merry way into the suburbs. Well, that and sometimes I wonder if I have ever crossed paths with this man and didn't know it.

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