Monday, November 27, 2006

Watching them makes me dizzy.

It's officially that time of year when the crows go mad. Not to imply that crows are ever a beacon of sanity, but there is a decisive decline in their behavioral stability during a certain few months of the year. This year, it is quite possibly longer due to the delay in the frigid winter season. Their migratory cousins started heading south a month ago, and now only the few and far between flock of geese are seen in the skies. The robins and cardinals have eaten twice their share of nuts and whatnot, burrowing there spherical little feathered bodies into holes and caverns for safety until spring. But the crows, the crows they know that genetics have done them a disservice. Doomed to fly and caw in the bitter air all winter long, with no cavern, no Florida, no fats for their bodies to feast on, too ugly to be taken in or fed for the sake of their company by the lake. I'm sure the crows know this and are truly unsatisfied by the equation, which would explain their late fall/early winter madness. They have begun their patternless silent circling above the roofs of apartments and houses and dwellings of business, and the like. It is most certainly an expression of madness, as there is no rhyme or reason to their flocking. The do not follow each other just hoards of feathers flying back and fourth and up and across. Watching them makes me dizzy.

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